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Ny vare

Professionel jagtradio
- Kvalitetsradio fra CRT France - nem og enkel betjening.

  • Vand- og støvtæt (IP67) jagtradio.
  • Kraftigt batteri på 1600 mAh.
  • Kodet med danske, norske og svenske jagtkanaler (15 VHF-kanaler).

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Yderligere information

NormKommunikationsradio, VHF PROFESSIONAL
IP67 WaterproofFull protection to intrusion of solids and liquids; completely sealed (can be accidentally immersed for 30 min in a water 1m)
Power0.5 Watts / 1.5 Watts / 5 Watts ERP
Input voltage7.4 Volts DC
Memories128 channels programming 136 - 174 mHz following your assigned frequencies (must be programmed by a professional)
Channel spacing12.5 kHz ou 25 kHz
Bandwidth12.5kHz / 20kHz / 25kHz
Step of increment5kHz / 6.25kHz
SCRAMBLERYes : encryption method (speech privacy)
SQUELCHYes : elimination of background noise (squelch levels setup, squelch off/temporary squelch off)
CTCSS / DCS (encoder/decoder)50 CTCSS / 232 DCS : sub-audio code to activate repeater like selective tone
PTT / IDYes : to program a sequence of different tones for each caller
VOX functionYes : this feature triggers your microphone sound (hands free)
TOT functionYes : time out timer
SCAN functionYes : automatic search of busy channels
COMPANDER functionYes : TX with a clear voice
WHISPER functionYes : increased sensitivity of the microphone
TX/OFF functionYes : forbidding emission
BCLO functionYes : busy Channel Lock
REVERSE functionYes : the current channel RX frequency will be switched to TX frequency
TALK AROUND functionYes : switch RX/TX frequencies and CTCSS/DCS code to avoid using repetear
Various functionsPriority scan setup + channel selector knob lockout + Battery Save (possible setting) + voice prompt (channel, level : squelch, battery capacity, power) + channel scan skip + temporary deletion of the interfering channel ect ...
BonusHigh strength metal frame Aluminum
StructureABS case and aluminum chassis injected
OptionsProgramming cable
Programmable by softwareYes
BatteryLi-ion 1600 mAh (high capacity)
ConnectionCRT K type
Antenna15 cm
Deliver withDesktop charger, battery, antenna, strap and belt clip
Size260 x 60 x 35 mm (with antenna and battery)
Weight208 gr (with antenna and battery)