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Baojie E-33 8W UHF


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High Power Baojie E-33 8W UHF Portable Radio 

- 16 kanaler 

- Solid og enkel at bruge 

- Kraftigt 4200 mAh batteri 

- Høj sendeeffekt 

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kr. 398,00

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Frequency scope 400.000-470.000MHz
Number of channels 16 channels
Operating mode Same/different frequency simplex
Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating voltage 7.4V
Modulation mode FM (F3E)
Power output Low power: 3W - High power: 8W
Max. frequency offset ≤・}5KHz
Residual wave radiation <-60dB
Frequency stability ・}2.5ppm
Receiving sensitivity <0.20uV
Audio power 500mW
Transmission current At low power ≤0.8A / at high power ≤2.0A
Standby current ≤46mA (≤20mA in the power saving mode)
Weight About 268g
Dimensions 136x56x40mm (Length x Width x Height, exclusive of antenna

Baojie E-33


Pakken indeholder:

-1 x Radio Walkie Talkie 10W (Baojie E-33)
-1 x 4200 mAh NiMH Battery
-1 x Charger 100V~240V 50Hz Worldwide charger 
-1 x Antenna 
-1 x User Manual (Engelsk)